Here’s a chance to get a bunch of friends together and indulge in a foodie road trip through India!

Nine courses will be chapters in this story-driven meal that celebrates the intricacies of Indian cuisine and its rich history through food.

Chef Arun and his team will take you with them through this delicious childhood memory lane, times when his mum and grandma introduced his taste buds to a kaleidoscope of flavours.

Indian cuisine has many worldly influences, countries and invaders have given this cuisine new dimensions. To add to that complexity, each state has its own style of cooking and techniques, using the same ingredients but creating very different dishes. The footsteps of the many dynasties are clearly marked. Here is your food itinerary

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Your Itinerary


First Stop Delhi

Enjoy the famous food from Chaat ki gali (Delhi’s laneway of street food).

Aloo Tikki

Dahi Puri

Next, Agra, where you can’t miss the Taj Mahal, a story of love told a million times where the streets are filled with the sweet scent of ‘petha’.

Agra ka Petha Salad

Deconstructed salad, a unique combination of Petha (a sweet made of winter melon) with beans and lemon sorbet. Our innovative savoury twist on Agra’s most popular produce.

Let’s get to Kashi, also known as Varanasi or Banaras, walking through the tiny lanes, can’t miss the nostalgic aromas of spices and savoury street snacks

Banaras ki gali se


Dum Aloo

Lucknow ke Kabab

The Mughals had a great role to play in India’s cuisine culture and they have paved the road with their delicacies.

Kolkata – the foodie wonderland

Try the lip smacking

Prawn Patudi

Jhaal Mudi

Take a break…

Savour India on a plate


Begun Bhaja

Aloo Bhaja,



Kolkata’s Maach Bhaja

Delhi Darbar’s Murg Makhani

Jaipur Haveli se Lal Maas

Cholar Daal

Bengali style Fish curry

Basmati Rice


Do you have a sweet tooth? Indians definitely have one!



Price: $125pp

Standard drinks package: $30pp (for 2 hours)

Sparkling, Red and White wine, Beer, Salted Lassi and Mango Lassi

Kashi’s selected special wine and beer


Minimum 8 guests to a maximum of 12 guests

Bookings and notice 1 week in advance is essential

Available on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday only

Fully paid booking 1 week in advance is essential

Once booked, your group will have exclusive use of the area for 3 hours, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time.

Payment to be done in one transaction.

Strictly no byo

The set menu and venue styling are subject to change without notice and based on seasonal availability of ingredients.

All food will be plated to share, left overs are not to be taken home.

no further discounts, not valid with vouchers or special offers

Refund policy:

Cancellation 48 hours prior for full refund

Please call us to book (02)96 790 790 or fill in our enquiry form and we will call you back to confirm booking